Worcester, MA

Abigail Williams and Associates takes special care to educate both current and potential clients. Below you will find resources with legal advice, information on choosing healthcare providers, and worker's compensation materials.

Choosing a Doctor

Connect to the MA Board of Registration in Medicine to find a doctor of any specialty in your area. Take special care to identify a doctor's particular medical interests/experience, educational background, and certifications. Upon calling a doctor's office, note the staff's courtesy and willingness to assist you, the doctor's availability in terms of appointments, as well as prescription and emergency policies.

Choosing a Nursing Home

The MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs provides a wealth of information for those searching for a long-term care facility. In addition to a "Consumer's Guide to Nursing and Rest Homes," this website also has links to information such as elder rights and advice on what to do in the event of abuse and/or neglect. For more detailed information on individual facilities, click here for DPH survey results (updated bi-annually).

Do I Have A Case?

This article from Lawyers.com provides a general overview of the particulars involved in the process of a medical malpractice case. Be sure to review this website to get a better idea of what to expect as you pursue a case against a healthcare provider and/or their corresponding insurance company. Additional information can be found here .

MA Dept. of Industrial Accidents

The Department of Industrial Accidents website hosts a wide range of useful materials in the event that you are injured while at work. These include unemployment insurance, DIA office locations, claims forms, as well as a rundown of the workers compensation process.

The Massachusetts Bar Association is a wide-reaching and diverse group of attorneys located throughout the commonwealth. The MBA provides public assistance in understanding legal issues and procedures, referral services for finding a lawyer in a particular field, and many other legal services for attorneys and the public alike.